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2014 Course Dates


The 2014 Weekend Programs of the Accelerated Advanced Diploma of Management are scheduled to commence on 23 August and 7 September as detailed below, whilst the Wednesday program will also be delivered fortnightly commencing 6 August.


              AADM 406

  AADM 407

AADM 408           





Session  1   06 August Session  1   23 August Session  1   07 September
Session  2   20 August Session  2   06 September Session  2   21 September
Session  3   03 September Session  3   20 September Session  3   05 October
Session  4   17 September Session  4   04 October Session  4   19 October
Session  5   01 October Session  5   18 October Session  5   02 November
Session  6   15 October Session  6   01 November Session  6   16 November
Session  7   29 October Session  7   15 November Session  7   30 November
Session  8   12 November Session  8   29 November Session  8   14 December

The above dates are subject to confirmation prior to enrolment.


Download or print the PDF information brochure


Course Location

The Accelerated Advanced Diploma of Management will be offered in TMDI's Chatswood training rooms, but may also be offered in the CBD and other locations in metropolitan Sydney locations as required.  

Courses will also be offered in other capital and regional cities around Australia as required and will be delivered offshore in 2015, in several Asia-Pacific locations.


Entrance Requirements


*   There are no formal minimum educational entry requirements for mature-age applicants.

*   However, a minimum of three years relevant work experience, including two years supervision or management experience, is a prerequisite for applicants holding degree or diploma qualifications

*   A minimum of six years relevant work experience including three years supervision or management experience, is a prerequisite for applicants without formal degree or diploma qualifications. 

*   English literacy and general numeracy are prerequisites, as is a degree of practical computer literacy and familiarity with the Internet. 

*   All TMDI learners are also required to have regular access to the Internet and personal email for communication and related course matters. 

*   Enrolment is also subject to applicants being able to demonstrate to TMDI's Program Manager via personal interview, a commitment to attend all eight seminars/workshops and completing any required pre-workshop reading and subsequent post-workshop assessment tasks. 


Course Fees

$4,400 per learner, payable in advance.
Price may be negotiated for group enrolments or for corporate delivery ‘in-house’.


Further Details

Further details are outlined in the accompanying pages:


*       Overview  

*       Features and benefits 

*       Program outline and commitment   


Download or print the PDF information brochure

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