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Our Technical Communication Expertise

TMDI has extensive experience in the broad field now known as Technical Communication. For nearly two decades at TMDI we have honed our skills in the development and management of courseware for our own classroom, online and blended learning programs. This has included business, management and information technology courseware, as well as for short courses and corporate induction programs. More recently we have begun offering this expertise to our clients, rather than just deploying it for our own courseware. We elaborate on this experience in the following pages:

*   TMDI's Technical Writing Expertise has been built up over half a decade of consulting to major corporations, in a range of industries. Follow this link for more information.

*   TMDI's Instructional Design Expertise, is based on several decades of deep invlovement in educational and corporate environments developing curriculum and instructional courseware. Follow this link for more information.

*   TMDI's Document Management Expertise is principally applied to reviewing existing document management installations and and improving their effectiveness. Follow this link for more information.


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